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Winter Info Letter 2019


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"Nothing is more gratifying than having parents thank us for their kids improved eating habits at school and at home." Lea Tresser, Founder.

Since 1994, La Bonne Cuisine Catering has been providing its services to top private schools in the Tri-state area.

We are currently serving The French-American School of New York in Larchmont, Scarsdale, and Mamaroneck.

What characterizes most La Bonne Cuisine Catering is our top staff's long involvement with youth camps and youth organizations. We feel that it is this active connection with children that distinguishes us and is an important feature in terms of school food services.

We work hand-in-hand with the schools, students, and parents in an effort to improve the student's eating habits. Through this partnership we become an integral part of the community. We serve healthy and well-balanced meals that are nevertheless well received by the students.

It is a well documented fact that what children eat affects their aptitude to learn and their health: La Bonne Cuisine Catering conceives its menus so that they will provide all the essential elements for a nutritious, and replenishing meal.

We are proud to say that our meals are always prepared with a proportion of fruits, vegetables, and other fresh ingredients that are never equaled in other school cafeterias.

To keep up with today's the changing tastes we offer whole grains as an option in our menus. The benefits of whole grains are widely accepted but their uses have not yet become the norm for everyone. Tastes and habits are different for every family and we want to make sure that every child eats according to what they are used to eating at home.

Non-GMO Fruits and Vegetable Guarantee: There are the 8 GMO Crops commercialized on the market: Alfalfa,Canola,Corn,Cotton,Papaya,Soy,Sugar Beets,Zucchini and Yellow Summer Squash. We will not serve any of these items on the menu unless they are Non-GMO items. We use NON-GMO sunflower and olive oils.

Contact us to discuss how to improve your school lunch program.

Please take a look at one of the school menus included on the left of this page.



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