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La Bonne Cuisine Catering is a company with vast experience
in all aspects of food service.

Our staff is committed to quality, great taste, and reliability.

Whether you need to cater a special event, a business lunch, or your company’s daily meals, we will find a solution designed to your specific needs.

We are specialized in providing the impossible and unattainable, so call us even if you have been turned down by our competitors.

We have catered to corporations such as Chase Bank and LVMH, and to small companies with equal success.

In the business world, timeliness, efficiency, and discretion are of the essence. We will handle all the catering related services of your events smoothly, and make sure that you will not have to worry about them... and the food will be delightful.

All you need to do is call us at 914.714.5860 or send us an Email.

We will be prompt at answering any of your questions and delivering any service you request.



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